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How to Turn Your Home into a Solar Power System

Everyone is well aware of the threat of global warming and climate change. The natural environment is being damaged by the gas and coal required to power everything in our lives – including your house. But how would you feel if another option was readily available?

The solution is simple: green energy. Green energy is sustainable energy that is derived from natural sources that are plentiful, non-polluting, environmentally friendly, and abundant. Renewable solar energy is exactly what you want to power your home – and all homes across the globe.

What You Need to Know About Renewable Solar Energy

If you are interested in switching your house to green, solar energy, it doesn’t have to be go-big-or-go-home. It is possible to begin with small-scale home installations like solar hot water systems or solar-powered systems for heating.

Solar panels can heat water for your home, reducing the dollar amount you spend on hot water, and even provide electricity to charge your mobile devices.

Solar heating systems use solar energy – in other words: nothing but sunlight – to heat water in photovoltaic thermal collectors. Pavement, awnings, and other south-facing surfaces can be utilized by your solar heating system specially designed to capture sunlight. Anti-glare solar panels installed on the roof can be an incredible energy-saving device that can serve an as a complement to the water-heating system or add electricity to your grid.

These heating systems can also heat air or water for space heating. They can also improve food storage by absorbing and distributing the heat to ensure that food is fresher for longer.

Solar Panel Mechanics

Solar cells use solar energy – or photons – to move electrons which create an untapped energy just waiting to be used.

The solar photovoltaic panels are made up of a number of solar thermal collectors. A solar thermal collector is an absorber – usually made of glass – to store and distribute solar power. The sun replenishes the cells during the day to provide as much solar heating as is needed at night.

All solar cells produce Direct Current (DC) power. You need an Alternating Current (AC) power system to have a useful solar panel to use for your appliances. Solar inverters, which look like the utility box on your house, then change the DC power to AC power for use in your home.

Solar Panel Efficiency

Solar energy can be converted to electricity by the use of a photovoltaic cell. Solar cells require sun to produce power. Although the sun produces energy every second, the solar power system’s operations slow on cloudy days or at night when light is unable to reach the panels.

Despite this, the sun is the most abundant and proven energy source to date. Solar panel systems are a clean and sustainable choice for the future. Solar energy is appreciated by everyone – even your electrical bill will be grateful!

Home Solar Energy Systems

Solar home systems are a great, economic way for all homeowners and business owners to reduce the amount they spend on their electricity. Right now, the most common installation cost will be in the neighborhood of only $10,000 and will turn a basic home into a miniature solar field.

However, the cost of solar electricity is constantly decreasing. This is a huge advantage to those of us who don’t want to be held back by coal corporations and gas giants ever again.

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