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Remodeling Your Kitchen? Things to Consider To Avoid Fire Damage

Published by SEO on December 6, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

Modern Kitchen without fire damageKitchens can be a potentially dangerous area of the house because there are stoves and ovens where fire can start any time alongside being equipped with electrical equipment. A little misstep can eventually lead to a much difficult situation and cause fire damage and injuries.

However, these potential threats are a given because we can’t do without kitchens. But the kitchen doesn’t necessarily have to be a dangerous place. With well-conceived remodeling ideas and practicing cooing safety 101 at all times, you can easily make your kitchen the comfort zone of the whole house.

Here are a few things you can consider as you remodel your kitchen to avoid potential fire damage and hazards.

1. Electrical Wiring

Many people do not realize that faulty electrical wiring can easily become a leading cause of potential kitchen fires, hazards, and damage. Therefore, if you are remodeling your kitchen, you must start from the beginning and work layer by layer. So make sure to check all switchboards and electrical wires behind them. Check any cords if they are visible and need to be that way. Ensure they aren’t damaged or cut up and make the necessary replacement if you notice anything as such. You would not want to leave an open wire bear to electrocute or catch fire.

2. Clutter & Storage

Remodeling your kitchen is the best way to come around decluttering all the useless stuff that you have been hoarding all these years. Even if things aren’t useless, remodeling allows you to create better storage facilities in the form of cabinets to keep them safe and organized. This cuts down major chances of potential fire hazards and consequent fire damage to the kitchen and equipment due to excessive clutter. After all, fires tend to spread, and they spread fast. So you need to have a minimalist approach in keeping the kitchen decluttered and spacious enough to avoid major fire damage and hazards.

3. Grease or Oil Spill

Whether you are in a residential kitchen or an industrial kitchen, oil and grease are imminent ingredients present in excessive amounts. Most of these cooking oils like olive oil, vegetable oil, or grease accumulated from animal fat – all have their respective flashpoints, which is the temperature where the fat would catch fire. Therefore, kitchen remodeling should allow you enough space and appropriate equipment to monitor your oil temperatures. You can even install smoke detectors on the roof as oil reach smoke point before their flash point – which can be a great indicator and stop potential fire damage in its tracks.

4. Appliances

A kitchen is filled with large to small appliances, from the electric stove, ovens, and microwaves to refrigerators, dispensers, toasters, and coffee machines. Although, with time, technology has upgraded these appliances, and they are most safe than ever. Still, there is a risk involved which should never be shunned impossible. Therefore, as you remodel your kitchen to avoid fire damage, replace old appliances with newer models which are safer Place appliances like microwaves, coffee machines, and toasters on countertops and recheck stoves and ovens after every use. Moreover, place your refrigerator over a wooden stool for elevation and ventilation.

5. Design, Layout & Floorplan

A kitchen’s design, layout, and Floorplan play a vital role in its safety from potential fire damage and hazards as well as injuries. Therefore, kitchen remodeling allows you the perfect opportunity to create a spacious, minimalist, and consequently safe kitchen. A professional with significant experience should help you design a safe and spacious Floorplan with all necessary storage compartments, countertops, lighting, and shelves. Moreover, you can have insulated flooring made with materials like cork which is a great fire, water, and slip-resistant. You can work out the stove and sink placement and decide how high or low you want to go with the countertops and cabinets.

6. Fire Extinguisher

Last but certainly not least, you should never forget an individual fire extinguisher specially located near and for the use of the kitchen. It should always be placed in a visibly near place as seen from the kitchen is a special storage compartment. It needs to be away from cooking equipment and the most likely fire causes. So that in case of a fire, you can easily and safely get out of the kitchen and still have access to the fire extinguisher. Hence, a fire extinguisher is crucial, and kitchen remodeling is the best opportunity to include one in the design and have it installed.

Bottom Line

All in all, practicing kitchen safety 101 while cooking and doing activities in the kitchen is a must. But following such tips, specifically, as you remodel your kitchen to avoid potential fire damage and hazards, will greatly reduce the chances most definitely. Hence, we hope that the things we have shared to consider help you make your kitchen a safe, fire-hazard-free zone for you. Have you suffered fire damage in your kitchen? Looking for a remodeling service provider in Dallas? 911 Restoration of Dallas is just a call away for you! You can count on our technicians to handle your emergency restoration and provide you with a much-needed fresh start to normal life.

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